Insomnia is not fun, but did you know that cannabis can help you get the best sleep that you can? While it may seem strange that cannabis can be used this way, there are some that are really good. Here, we’ll go over the top strains that insomniacs will love. 

Northern Light 

This is one of the most famous strains out there, and it’s really good as a cultivar that offers a really good bodily high. Tis is from a bunch of Afghan genetics, and it’s great because it’s robust, along with reliant. With a THC level of 18% and a bunch of myrcene, this is a good one that really does help to calm the mind down. It also is really good for growing, since you can harvest a lot of this, and they tend to be harvested faster than the others, usually around late September. 

Royal Jack Auto 

This is another strain that comes from Jack Herer, which is a very famous cannabis strain named after the activist with that name. This is an autoflowering strain that’s easier than ever to grow, and it has both nerolidol and terpineol in this, to help whisk the brain away directly to sleep, along with decent THC amounts. These can create a pine, woody feeling, and a relaxing sensation as well. This is great because it offers great yields in a small amount of time periods, and the small size along with the brevity is a must for growers to look for something that they can grow quite easily too. 

OG Punch 

This is another very pleasant one that has myrcene in this that underpins the flavor. This is one that packs a large amount in just the molecule as well, teaming up with 19% THC content to produce a high that’s stoning and practically soothes all your muscles, shutting down everything. It also produces terpineol qualities that add to a really good experience. This is one that offers the best traits from the parent plants that are purple punch and Legend OG, and that means that they’re filled with some great trichomes for the best results possible. 

Sweet ZZ 

This is pretty much a really good one that actually has a hoppy taste to it, so if you’re a fan of IPAs, you’ll love this one. It offers a great sleep, and also helps you feel calm and collected too. It contains humulene, and it’s really good too because of the caryophyllene, which is a terpene that does target and bind to the CB2 receptors, to add a soothing effect that’s also euphoric along with hypnotic due to the linalool in it. It’s got 22% THC, and has some great flavors to it, almost candylike too, and is perfect for those wo want something that fits their stash jars for a long time. 

Medical Mass 

Finally, this is a strain that has both CBD and also myrcene in this to offer full tranquility. This can actually enter directly into your alveoli and actually push straight through your blood-brain barrier, which offers a full state of Zen. 

This is great because while it doesn’t have a bunch of THC, the CBD in this which helps to level it out will really help you mellow out, so you don’t have to worry about being anxious too. These five strains are great for those who want to sleep better and to feel better, and there are tons of different ways for you to easily make this work in your stash jars to have a great and amazing cannabis experience along with sleep.