For a lot of users, they don’t have to worry about cannabis bothering certain bodily processes, but there are drug interactions that are worth being a bit concerned over.Here, we’ll go over what cannabis does with other drugs, and also what this means for the cannabis users who are using this, and some of the effects of such. 

Why Cannabis is So different 

Cannabis is a bit different from other recreational drugs and prescription medications for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the chemical components. It’s not just one ingredient, but rather it’s the THC, but the other compounds that are there. 

With over 400 different terpenes and cannabinoids, there are a ton of other part sot this that are worth mentioning too. The variety is also there as well. There are different cannabis strains that offer very different effects. 

Personal experience is another. Some people tolerate lots of cannabis, while others may not be able to handle nearly as much. The effects are also worth mentioning. Cannabis isn’t a downer, nor is it an upper, and it may also cause some hallucinations in some cases. Or it can have all of these as well. While there are differences, it’s important to understand what each of these can do. 

What Cannabis Does with other Drugs 

Here are some different aspects to consider when you’re looking at how cannabis interacts with drugs. First is alcohol, which is the most popular recreational drug. While you can get it anywhere, it’s not the safest, especially when compared to other substances. If you do drink alcohol before you consume cannabis, it will increase the THC contents in the body, which can make you sweat, feel dizzy, and may cause vomiting and nausea too. 

For amphetamines, there is no symptoms of the cannabis, but it can actually cause negative symptoms when you get to the comedown of amphetamines. There are some scientific studies that look at this, and it can possibly cause MDMA and other substances to possibly get more addicting. It also may cause more hallucinogenic reactions and complications of the drugs and the interactions of such. 

What about codeine? This is a very potent and very strong stimulant, and it can be hard to truly pin down the interactions.  While it may seem like a depression, a cannabis may actually offset the high and cravings and the negative results of the comedown. But also mixing the stimulative results of this with the depressive nature of cannabis can actually make the negative side effects worse in this. 

Not to mention cannabis does block the cocaine blood vessel construction, which means a much longer-lasting rush, and it can lead to overdose.  Cannabis may actually exacerbate some of the results of cocaine, but only as a stimulant. Because both are capable of causing paranoia, it’s definitely much worse when you combine both of these factors. 

Finally, we got codeine, which is a drug that will depress your nervous system, and it produces a euphoric and sedative state when you have it with cannabis. While it isn’t technically a depressant, when you take codeine and cannabis together, it can cause a synergistic effect, and it can actually cause depression and anxiety to grow a lot more. LSD is another one that it can cause you to feel a little bit nauseous and jittery, but compared to the others, it actually doesn’t cause much. Some of these are more synergistic, but be mindful of taking multiple substances together, since it does have a few effects that may not be ideal too. 


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