This is definitely a more efficient means of using weed since they’re pre-filled and offer these formulas without the hassle of you putting them in. It’s pretty much like a K cup or coffee pod vs. making a cup of joe. It’s pretty portable, versatile, and best of all discreet. Many in legal states get to choose the cartridges that they want from a variety of dispensaries, each with different terpene and cannabinoid options to choose. There are many benefits of this, and here, we’ll go over a few of these aspects as well. 

How to Use Them 

They’re pretty easy to use.: you’re just going to press a button and inhale. However, you’ve got two differ kinds. The first is disposable, which is a pen or vape that’s simple. you just inhale, and when you run out, you just toss it. While it may seem wasteful, this is great for those who just want something quick and simple. 

Another one is reusable pens. These are basically cartridges with batteries, or you buy the cartridge separate from this. They’re usually larger, and they oftentimes have LED displays that let you choose the parameters. They’re super easy once you’ve figured it out, and once you’ve chosen your settings, you just hold down the button and from there inhale this too. 

Tips for This 

There are a few things that you should know about using weed cartridges. First, you need to know your device, including how to turn it on and off. You don’t want to accidentally get your purse or bag high when you could be using this. Try to keep everything vertical. That’s because when they’re horizontal, this is actually possible to create tilting, and you don’t want to waste it. The third thing is to secure this, and make sure that you have these secured when you’re using this so you get the full experience. 

Why use Cartridges 

There are a few reasons that some people prefer to have cannabis cartridges as  opposed to flower or other ways. The first is variation. Sometimes people get tired of strains, and the beauty of cartridges is you just choose the cartridge, plug it in, and then there you go. You can get a few different kinds, or maybe an indica, sativa, and hybrid, and switch around from there. 

Another thing is that you can be more discreet with this. It may work for a bit to ninja smoke, but the flame is still obvious, and the scent will also get the attention of others.  The beauty of these cartridges is just how low profile they can be, and how useful that is. They also last a long time. It’s pretty great if you’re someone who doesn’t really smoke a whole lot, and you don’t want to let it degrade. While flower is great, the problem is that you’re going to lose out on sme of the benefits, whereas with cartridges, you can have the potency and flavor for a long period of time. 

Finally, it’s cheaper too. The thing is with pipes and dabs, it can sometimes be quite expensive, but with cartridges, they’re right there and the thing is, if you get yourself a nice battery which is like $20, it lasts a long time. While the cartridges can get pricey, not all are, and some places do run some deals. 

Cartridges are probably the best way to smoke if you want it to be discreet and simple, and here, we went over the overview of these cartridges and what they can offer to smokers too. 


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