Amnesia haze is a strain that’s actually known for being top notch simply because of the potency of the THC content inside of this, and it’s something that’s popular in many smoking circles. And for a good reason too. There are great head highs with this, good yields from it, and flavor profiles that are complex, and it’s actually got a really good lineage, albeit complicated. It’s sativa-dominate but it’s also a hybrid too to help with balancing all of this out. 

The history of This 

This came about from the West coast back in the 1970s.  this one is definitely popular because of the genetics, followed by the highs which are energetic, and are becoming more recognized internationally. It’s something that’s actually made it’s way directly to Amsterdam as well. 

A lot of breeders are also trying to work with the Haze variant and make some other different wones too. American breeders actually ended up breeding different hybrids with haze to create amnesia haze, and it’s something that took the world of cannabis by storm. 

The Effects 

There are a few reasons why amnesia haze is one of the most popular. It’s 70/30 sativa to indica, and it’s actually much more stimulating than it is sedating in most cases. It’s great if you really want that energy rush, with new ideas creatively coming to the surface, and the anxiety that you may feel is replaced as well by feelings of happiness and laughter too. It’s got 22% THC in most cases, which causes the high to show up immediately and be effective for up to 4 hours after it’s taken in. it’s got a pretty decent level of CBD too, which is what makes it great for relaxing, and offering more therapeutic and clear-headed results form this. 

This is great for smoking during the day to offer more motivation and a bigger rush that’ll help you get through more tasks and hobbies too. It’s great for skating, hiking or surfing. It’s also pretty euphoric too and is great for taking the edge off of pain and other problems too, so if you have pain, this can help with that. 

Flavor notes 

A cool thing about this one is just how different the flavor notes are, including the terpenes, different molecules that create a citrus and earthy taste, along with an infusion of flavor. This is great for those who want to also use this in other cannabis ways, such as taking it in edibles, since it’s got a distinct taste to this too. 

Growing Traits 

This is one that’s good for both outdoor and indoor growth. It’s productive and has some great yields to this, even if you’re growing it in tents, and it can actually reach up to 140 cm indoors. If you want to keep it smaller, you should try to keep it low stress when training it, and you’ll still get a pretty decent yield out of this. It’s also good for outdoor growth, provided that it’s not that harsh outside. Growing in beds or containers that are large help it get up to 210 cm and offers a pretty distinct yield, provided you do harvest it in late October. 

It’s been recognized as one of the top strains of all time and has actually won multiple awards for the distinct flavor profile. It is a great one if you’re looking for a powerful sativa, and it does the job and then some when you’re looking for good, distinct flavors in your weed, but also want the euphoric high that a lot of people simply enjoy. 


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