Red eyes are the biggest giveaway that you’ve been smoking weed. Here are some different reasons as to why you’ll get red eyes when you have a toke. 

Why Red eyes 

Cannabis causes the red eyes sensation for two reasons. One of them is blood pressure. It actually lowers this, and it can cause the capillaries to dilate in most cases, and this causes more blood to go through. So that’s why you’ll notice the blood flowing there. It also actually helps with certain conditions.  Glaucoma which is caused by too much blood pressure in the eyes actually helps with treating this. 

The second reason is smoke irritation. Not every smoker has this, but most of them have experienced getting too much smoke in the eyes, and it can cause watering along with stinging, but the reddening clears up in moments. Most of the time, the redness usually happens though when the THC finally wears off, as in the case of the blood pressure problems. 

How to Reduce red eyes 

There are different strategies that can help with red eyes, especially if you’re trying to conceal the high, whether you’re with family or stealing a toke before getting back to work. The first way is cooling drops for the eyes, since it does reverse that mechanism that causes red eyes, and it usually fixes itself quite quickly. Apply them according to the instructions of the product to return the eyes to how they looked before. 

Another thing is staying hydrated, since this helps with dryness that comes with the eyes looking red, and it also helps reduce the color there too. Another way is to throw on some sunglasses. This should be used as a final option. This will probably look weird though if you’re not in a place that’s sunny. If you’re with family that’s outside, then you’re good, but if it’s cloudy or rainy, it’s going to look suspicious, so you might want to resort to the other treatments instead. 

Preventing Red Eyes 

Is there a way to prevent the stoned look from showing up in your eyes? Well, first one is to smoke strains that are lower in THC, since it won’t lower the blood pressure as much. This will still offer a good and enjoyable response, just without the eyes being red. Another way, is to drink, vape, or eat your cannabis too, since this helps with the excessive redness that comes from this. It also will help with reducing the way it looks. However, it can happen in some cases if you’re still consuming high amounts of THC in your products. 

You also might want to take it slower too. Sometimes, a gradual increase in THC can help with reducing the staggering lowering of blood pressure. You also might want to consider just micro-dosing, since that way, you’re not taking enough to create marked changes in the body either, or it helps you enjoy the cannabis better. 

Is it Dangerous to have red eyes? 

Nah, it won’t hurt you, and if you experience what’s called intraocular pressure it can actually help you with this. The one thing of note though, is that red eyes may get you caught if you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re high, and if you’re in a place that doesn’t have legal cannabis, you’re going to get in serious trouble. 

The best thing to do is to use the tips mentioned here to help with this and try to be smart when you’re enjoying your cannabis, however you decide to choose this to be in most cases. 


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