Cannabis does have a smelly feature to it, and while not all strains have this, the smelliness of some can be a bit too pungent for some. Here are some ways to properly control the smelliness of a cannabis plant

When do they Start Smelling 

Well, it’s not the entire time. They actually are pretty devoid of scents during seedling and vegetative stages of this. The plants end up directing most of that energy to making sure that they have the best state possible for holding flowers.

Eventually though, during vegetative, this comes to an end in many cases. The shifting in the hours, or even the genetic mechanisms internally cause a stage of flowering. This can cause them to start to flower, and they create pistils, and eventually the flowers become the nuggets, and then there’s the smelly stage of this. 

The intensity of this actually also is caused by something else. The trichomes that are tiny little structures on the surfaces of flowers, start to churn out terpenes and cannabinoids, and this in turn will protect the plant from changing temps and insects and pests. If your plant has this resin on there, they’re going to be stinky, and when you harvest it they will indeed continue to stink. 

How to Cover This 

A big thing that you need to do when you do grow this, is to have proper odor control. It can turn heads, and for some who live in suburbs or are growing inside, this can be hard to mask. While it’s hard to deal with, there are different product that’ll help with this. The first is a carbon filter along with an extractor fan. This makes sure that you’re getting consistent air, and also filters out the air. 

This is good for helping to make sure that the terpenes don’t stink up the place. When growing in a tent or room, you need to put the fan next to a vent in the space, and the device will pull the air near this, forming a current that prevents this from leaking out. 

Also, by attaching this carbon filter to the extractor fans, you’ll be able to get the terpenes as they leave the air, and also help to pass through the surface too. You also should look at air purifiers. This is really good if you’re looking to add a more filtrated system to this. The filter will help with making sure that the airflow is steady, and the purifier will help to get the smell of cannabis out there. They do make a big difference in most cases, but they will not be able to fix everything, since it can sometimes not be perfect. 

Consider Low Odor Strains 

Some strains are a lot less stinky, and thanks to cannabis breeding, we’ve managed to get some varieties that are more subtle, used for covert growing. Northern lights, royal jack auto, blue mystic, royal creamatic, and quick one are all types of strains that actually don’t have as bad of a smell. Growing this is usually great if you want minimal odor, but in some cases, it can be a bit hard to fully hide it, so try to grow it and see for yourself if there is a chance that it’s possible to grow this in there. 

You also can companion plant some of these with other plants, and it can be really good because it’ll attract the good insects and take out the bad ones. Plus, they help to mask the smell too. Hiding smell is hard, but it is possible. 


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